2017-2018 Lyceum Committee

Mr. Gregory J. Horton, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/Theatre

gjhorton@ncat.edu | Office: 336.334.7852 (ext. 2303)

Mr. Carl Baker, Student Affairs/Student Center
baker@ncat.edu | Office: 336.334.7571/ (ext. 2553)

Ms. Donna Baldwin-Bradby, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/ Theatre
dabaldwin@ncat.edu  | Office: 336.334.7852

Mr. Mondre Moffett, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/VPA, Music
cmmoffet@ncat.edu  | Office: 336.285.2020

Dr. Gregory Meyerson, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/ English
gdmeyers@ncat.edu  | Office: 336.334.7771

Dr. John Humphrey, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences/Liberal Studies
jfhumphr@ncat.edu | Office: 336.285.2103

Melanie Dalton, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/Dance
mldalton@ncat.edu | Office: 336.285.3476

Dr. Galen Foresman, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/History 
gaforesm@ncat.edu | Office: 336.285.4464 

Dr. Zachary Denton, College of Science and Technology
zdenton@ncat.edu  | Office: 336.285.4756

Dr. Scott Harrison, College of Science and Technology/Biology
rpedroni@ncat.edu | Office: 336.285.2115

Ms. Saundra Crenshaw, Administrative Support Associate/Student Center
sdcrensh@ncat.edu | Office: 336.285.2557

Ms. Ezinma Leak-Murphy, WNAA Radio Station
eleakmur@ncat.edu | Office: 336.334.7936

Ms. Serelyn Green, University Public Relations/Alumni Event Center
serelyn@ncat.edu | Office: 336.256.0863

Dr. Melody Pierce/ Ex-officio Member, Student Affairs/Vice Chancellor
mcpierce@ncat.edu  | Office: 336.334.7696


Ms. Rashanda Lowery, Legal Affairs/Legal
rllowery@ncat.edu  | Office: 336.334.7592 (ext. 2250) 

Mr. Martinique Williams, Business and Finance/Purchasing
Mcwilli2@ncat.edu | Office: 336.334.7555

Ms. Lottayne Widemon, Business and Finance/Accounts Payable
demonl@ncat.edu | Office: 336.334.7684 (ext. 2264)

Mr. Jacob Teagle, Director of Business Administration/Student Affairs Division
jteagle@ncat.edu | Office: 336.285.4313

Mrs. Alta Mcnair, Business Officer for the Student Center
apmcnair@ncat.edu | Office: 336.285.2549