Housing Release Policy

The Housing Release policy applies to all students with a signed housing contract/housing assignment for the upcoming/current academic year. Below are the guidelines for consideration for waiver of the penalty fee, cancellation deadlines, and proper steps to complete the housing release form. 


Guidelines for consideration for waiver of the penalty fee: 

Rare exceptions exist for breaking the Contractual Agreement. For a fair consideration of the request, substantial documentation is needed to show a SIGNIFICANT change of circumstances AFTER the signing of the contract. The request must be submitted in writing for review and must fall under the specific guidelines below: 

  • Documented financial hardship (such as loss of financial aid, family support). A change in the financial situation may not be considered an “extreme” exception for the purpose of contract release. Additionally, as indicated in the initial paragraph of this Agreement, the contractual commitment is independent of any financial aid or other anticipated assistance. 
  • Medical Conditions (AND certified by a physician and verified by a Student Health Center physician). 
  • Study Abroad/Academic Internship: A letter on official letterhead from the Study Abroad office indicating student will conduct foreign studies. 
  • Graduation: A letter of notification of completion of the degree. 
  • Not attending or withdrawal: If withdrawing from the University, please complete a withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office located in the Dowdy Administration Building, Room 107. 
  • Transferring to another University: Completion of University’s withdrawal form, or admittance letter from new University. 
  • Military Duty: Letter of confirmation from Military Office. 
  • Academics: A letter or copy from the students’ College of Study Office stating that the student is no longer eligible. 
  • Other areas may be given consideration with significant, sufficient proper documentation.

Any requests received without significant documentation WILL be charged a penalty fee. 

Housing Release Form Process 

To be released from your Housing Contractual Agreement, you must contact an Assignments Coordinator or your Hall Director. Notifying the Office of the Registrar, Student Financial Aid Office and/or any other university departments will not act as a final release from your housing assignment.

You must be prepared to move out of your housing assignment completely BEFORE completing/submitting your release form.

Please see the following move out procedures:

  • Remove all items from the room.
  • Check-out with your Hall Director, Graduate Hall Director or Resident Assistant. 
  • Turn in your keys.
  • Complete the Housing Release Form.
    • Have supporting documentation ready to attach to the form.

Upon receipt and verification of release form, students will receive notification from the Housing and Residence Life Office.

  • Notice of the penalty decision within the 7-10 business days:
    • Approve (without penalty): if approved after cancellation date, you ARE subject to pro-rated daily room charges.
    • Denied (with penalty): If denied, you have the right to appeal the decision within 5 business days after you receive an email cancellation decision notice.

Cancellation Deadlines

New Students 
  • Cancellations without penalty: Before July 31 by 5 pm.
  • Cancellations with $500 penalty: Before August 5 by 5 pm.
  • Cancellations with 50% of the of the remaining full length of the housing contract for your particular residence hall rate for the year: Starting August 6. 
Continuing Students 
  • Cancellations without penalty: Before April 30 by 5 pm.
  • Cancellations with $500 penalty: Before May 10 by 5 pm.
  • Cancellations with 50% of the of the remaining full length of the housing contract for your particular residence hall rate for the year: Starting May 11.