Residential Learning Communities

Housing and Residence Life strives to promote educational excellence in the Residential Learning Community and increase retention for North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Through strong collaborations with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the residential learning communities enable residents to experience a more educationally enriched community supporting his/her academic and career aspirations.

Moreover, Housing and Residence Life recognizes the importance of life skills for the employability of our students. As such, for life skills, these communities will focus on a Residential Curriculum guiding students toward competencies in critical thinking and reasoning skills, social and civic responsibility, character, ethics, and communication. Visit each residential community page below for more information. 

How to Apply

Complete the checklist before applying

  • Complete the housing application with payment
  • Meet the criteria for the particular LLC or TC in which you are interested
  • The Residential Communities application will be available February 12, 2018.
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LLC Description

Building Location


Advisor Contact Information

Honors / International

LLC (2010)

Students in the honors program opportunities to increase learning outside the classroom

McNeil & Blair Halls

Brittany Williams


LLC (Fall 2018)

Enhances the academic progress of first year and continuing male students to increase retention , persistence and graduation.

Cooper and Curtis Halls

William Grant Hill



LLC (2013)

This program will foster intellectual, personal, and professional growth through the development of positive relationships within the local and campus communities. SISTERS will create a deeper appreciation for excellence in education, service, and finer womanhood.

Aggie Suites F

Renisha Howard
Dionne Caldwell


LLC (2011)

Addresses the unique needs of economically challenged, first generation and disabled students

Barbee Hall

Chantel Fleming

Nursing-Noble Place

LLC (2014)

Nursing LLC students will develop a sense of leadership and community while learning to work in a team and make good life choices.  They will also begin to develop critical thinking skills and a professional identity.

McCain Hall

Shelita Griffis 

The F.I.T. themed community is now accepting applications for the 2018-19 academic school year. 

  • Explore Details about F.I.T. here.



Building Location  


Advisor Contact Information

ICEE House

TC (2011)

Awareness of careers, skill requirements and leadership patterns for freshman and transfer students

Haley Hall

Daniel Grigg

Keyara  Stevenson  


TC (2011)

First-year freshman majoring in Biology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Technology or Mathematics  with an interest in research, a desire to pursue a PhD, at least a 3.0 GPA and a 900 SAT score

Pride Hall

Ms. Johnson-Taylor

Dionne Wells 

Serenity Place

TC (2015)

Is part of the Collegiate Recovery (CRC) substance-free residential living program

To provide support to the unique needs of recovering students.  Our CRC focuses on integrating all dimensions of wellness as presented by SAMHSA, while creating a holistic understanding of what it means to be "healthy."  Serenity Place offers distinct advantages to those seeking on-campus collegiate recovery housing.

Haley Hall

Vivian Barnette, Ph.D., ABPP