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Undergraduate Research White Paper Series

The Aggie Undergraduate Research White Paper Series expands access to scholarship, research, and discoveries produced by undergraduate researchers at NC A&T. Providing these papers on an open access license ensures that these scholarly discoveries are available to the world.

The Aggie Undergraduate Research White Paper Series showcases research-based proposals and perspective papers produced by the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University undergraduate research community. These white papers may be thought-provoking perspective pieces that present a meaningful solution that is grounded in a deep synthesis of the literature and existing data. Or they may be preliminary findings that provide meaningful access to new empirical discoveries and use those findings to lead readers to significant new ideas and perspectives.

Submissions to the White Paper Series are accepted on a rolling basis, and will be published semesterly. Acceptance to the White Paper Series requires a faculty recommendation based on the standards in the field. Papers must be, at minimum, A-grade work for the discipline the advisor is in. In addition, a recommending Faculty Reviewer reviews the work to be sure that it is publishable-quality, and then recommends it to the White Paper Series. Faculty reviewers are typically the student’s teacher, advisor, laboratory PI, or fieldwork supervisor. All papers in the White Paper Series must have had an expert faculty reviewer sign off on them, attesting to their quality and intellectual contribution to the field.

Submit the Non-Exclusive Distribution License for Creative Commons Licensed work here.

Faculty approved White Papers should be submitted electronically for publication.