Undergraduate Researchers

2017 Summer Undergraduate Researchers

Undergraduate Researcher Kierra

Kierra Jenkins is a Psychology major here at N.C. A&T. She is conducting undergraduate research with her faculty mentor Dr. Dawn Henderson, and her current research project is called Future Orientation and Transition Among Youth in Alternative Education Programs. A 2014 National Center for Education Statistics study indicates the 73% high school graduation rate for African American students (below the national average of 82.3%) is caused by racial disparity factors including suspension and dropout. Alternative Education Programs serve as second- chance opportunities for racially-diverse students. The programs aim to reduce suspension and increase high school graduation and completion. 


Undergraduate Researcher Oluwatomi

Oluwatomi is majoring in Laboratory Animal Science here at N.C. A&T, and she just completed a summer research project at the New York University Medical Center under the mentorship of Dr. Wenbiao Gan. Her current research project is called Investigating the Requirement of the Motor Cortex in Learning and Executing a Motor Skill. Oluwatomi got involved in research her sophomore year, working in Dr. Newman’s lab in N.C. A&T’s biology department. She has since pursued other summer research endeavors at different universities, being interested in medicine and knowing that research is a significant component of the medical field.


Undergraduate Researcher Joshua

Joshua McDuffie is a Civil Engineering major here at N.C. A&T, and during the summer of 2017 he traveled to Brown University in Rhode Island to conduct undergraduate research with Brown faculty mentor Dr. Karen Fischer. Joshua’s research project is called Assessing Mantle Deformation in the Aleutian Island Subduction Zone Using Shear Wave Splitting Techniques


Undergraduate Researcher Asha

Asha McElroy is a Food and Nutritional Science major, working under N.C. A&T faculty mentor Dr. Zhan Xiping. Her current research project is called The Application of the Pseudorabies Virus to Map Neuronal Connections in the Brain of the Mouse. Asha has gained significant experience in the day-to-day operations of the research lab including data collection, data entry, and repeating the same perfusions daily. 


Undergraduate Researcher Mary 

Mary Omotoso is a Bioengineering major here at N.C. A&T. Thusfar, she has pursued undergraduate research at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, and during the summer of 2017 she worked at Stanford University in the Material Science Department with Dr. Sarah Heilshorn. She is currently working under faculty mentor Dr. Narayan Bhattarai in a project called Decellularization of Pig Livers for Drug Screening.