Undergraduate Student at Undergraduate Research Symposium

Getting Started

Has a professor sparked your interest in a topic during a course?

Is there a project or an area of research that you are interested in exploring?

If so, you may want to consider research as an undergraduate. Undergraduate research gives you a chance to dig deeper into a discipline with the guidance of a faculty mentor.


The key to getting started in research is finding a subject you are passionate about and making connections with faculty who share that interest. 

  • Get to know your professors, teaching assistants, and upperclassman in your classes or in any department and find out what kind of research they are doing.
  • Take advantage of what’s going on around you. Attend lectures, workshops, symposiums, and performances. You never know what topic might spark your interest!

If you are looking for an existing research opportunity, stop by the Office of Undergraduate Research. We can help you decide your next steps. We can assist you with:  

  •  Understanding the benefits of undergraduate research;
  •  Identify your research interest;
  •  Find a member of the faculty to serve as your research advisor or mentor; and
  •  Investigating possible research opportunities and internships. 


At least once a year the OUR will present the Undergraduate Research Symposium. This is a celebration of the diversity that takes place at A&T where students present their research, scholarly and/or creative activity. it's a great venue for talking to student, faculty, administrators, and community members. It is also a great time to see the types of opportunities available for students.