Undergraduate Student at Undergraduate Research Symposium

Benefits of Undergraduate Research

Is research only for science students?
Is research only for students who want to go to graduate school?
Isn’t my course work enough?

No, no, and maybe not.

Research is the systematic gathering of information to help answer a question or solve a problem.  Research is going on right now all over the university and all over world in libraries and laboratories, in rainforests and hospitals, courtrooms and archeological sites, and many other places.

The difference between research and undergraduate research is: undergraduate research has to be led by a faculty member.

Undergraduate Research can help you

  • Build a relationship with a faculty mentor
  • Take your learning outside the classroom
  • Explore post-graduate and career options
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Find opportunities to present and publish your ideas
  • Test your determination and perseverance
  • Develop creativity, problem-solving, and intellectual independence

Faculty mentored research with the goal of creating a publically accessible product is beneficial for all undergraduates, regardless of discipline or future career plans. 

To make your research experience most valuable, it should arise from a passion for a particular topic and approach to knowledge.

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