Engineered systems & enabling technologies

Diagram of systems and technologies

Engineered systems

Our research focuses on using advanced materials and frontier technologies to regenerate biological functions rather than ameliorating symptoms. This will be achieved through the creation of engineered systems for:

  • Craniofacial and orthopedic applications,
  • Cardiovascular devices, and
  • Responsive biosensors for implants.

Enabling technology thrusts

These engineered systems will arise form four cross-cutting enabling technology thrusts:

  • Biodegradable metals,
  • Biofunctional surface modification,
  • Sensors and controlled degradation, and
  • Controlled release.

These technology thrusts, in turn, are based on strong cross-cutting research in the fundamental sciences across all dimensional scales.

Fundamental knowledge

Our fundamental research in multi-scale materials synthesis, bio-interfacial science, biomechanics, and clinical pathophysiology will drive the three engineered systems testbeds described above. The testbeds are designed as proving grounds with the versatility and adaptability to translate the enabling technology thrusts into engineered systems.

The premise of this ERC is to revolutionize metallic biomaterials and smart coatings with built-in responsive biosensory capabilities that can adapt to biological changes.