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Proposal submission process

Basic guidelines

  • All proposals are submitted to funders through the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • All proposals are created, approved, and submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs through RAMSeS.
  • Proposals must be received by the Office of Sponsored Programs at least three days before the proposal deadline cited in the Request for Proposal.

Electronic approval and submission 

  • RAMSeS -- the Research Administration Management System and eSubmission system -- is the tool that N.C. A&T and other universities in the UNC system use for the approval and submission of proposals.
  • All proposals must be internally reviewed and and signed by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development before submission to the sponsor.  PIs do not have the authority to negotiate for or to commit to the performance any proposal on behalf of the university.
  • No proposal should be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs without prior review and approval by the department chair and dean.
  • Individual departments or units may have their own procedures that must be followed before submission to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Pre-submission process

  • Read the guidelines of the announcement and talk to the agency program officer.
  • Prepare and review your proposal to ensure guidelines have been met according to the solicitation or RFP.
  • Follow all instructions; call your grant administrator for assistance.
  • Know the processes and procedures of the university and the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • Ensure status of the PI and obtain university approvals, if required.
  • Ensure your proposal includes the appropriate N.C. A&T negotiated facilities and administrative costs (indirect costs/overhead) and fringe benefits as required.
  • Ensure all budgeted costs are directly related to the proposed project as written.
  • PIs must upload proposals to RAMSeS to have them certified, routed for approval, and submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • Set up appointment with the grant administrator and budget manager for review.
  • When the funding agency requires electronic submission, the grant administrator will upload the proposal and budget ot the agency's system.
  • Proposals, white papers, letters of intent, pre-proposals, and/or subcontracts that are submitted without approval of the University Authorized Official Representative may or may not be supported by the university.

Step 1: Submit the Notice of Intent

  • The PI submits the Notice of Intent to the Office of Sponsored Programs via email.
  • The Notice of Intent is used by the Office of Sponsored Programs to schedule proposal submission, determine proposal requirements, deadlines, and other specific requirements based on the solicitation.
  • This notice should be submitted as soon as the PI decides to respond to a program solicitation or announcement, and well in advance of proposal submission. Note that the same Notice of Intent should be submitted for unsolicited proposals, white papers, letters on intent, collaborations and subcontracting.
  • PI contacts Office of Sponsored Programs to assure that email notice was received - 334-7995.
  • Assigned Grant Administrator contacts PI to begin submission process.

Step 2: Follow the solicitation/RFP/RFQ as you prepare your proposal

  • Obtain a copy of the agency program announcement/solicitation and read it.
  • Provide a copy and/or the solicitation number to the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • Prepare the proposal in the format that complies with agency guidelines
  • Assure that adequate resources are available to conduct the project
  • Comply with requirements for the use of animals, humans, recombinant DNA, biohazards, chemicals and radiation safety in your research.
  • Report any potential conflicts of interest to immediate supervisor for discussion and resolution.
  • Provide supporting documentation for any subcontracts/consultants in the proposal (contact your assigned grant administrator).
  • Seek assistance of the Office of Research Services and Project Management for assistance in writing the proposal and preparing the budget.

Step 3: Budget preparation and review

  • Read the budget preparation and review document.
  • In preparing your budget, pay close attention to the program guidelines, university indirect cost rate based on proposal classification, and fringe benefits. The budget narrative or budget notes should provide explanation regarding associated costs.
  • The Budget Manager in the Office of Research Services and Project Management is available to assist during proposal preparation to ensure that the proposal budget is accurate. Budget information should be forwarded as quickly as possible to allow time for a thorough review and/or revisions prior to the submission deadline.
  • If guidance on budget preparation is needed, contact the Office of Research Service and Project Management.

Step 4: Prepare the university's cost share form

  • Cost share form
  • If applicable, complete the form, provide the account number from which the funds will be drawn, and secure authorized signatures of the PI, the department chair(s), and dean(s).
  • Upload the form to RAMSeS.
  • Cost sharing is either in-kind or cash matching.
  • Original cost share forms must be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs.