Proposal development tools

Proposal development process

1. Prepare yourself for writing proposals by reviewing the literature, developing an individual strategic research funding plan, creating a concept paper, and signing up for a Pivot account.

2. Identify an appropriate funding opportunity for your project.

3. Read the solicitation carefully.

4. When you have decided to submit a proposal responding to that opportunity, submit a Notice of Intent to RAMSeS via email. DORED’s response will provide the name and contact information of the Office of Sponsored Programs grants administrator who will handle submission of your proposal.

5. Start your proposal in RAMSeS. Click here for more information about RAMSeS and how to use it.

6. Contact the Office of Research Services and Project Management for assistance in developing your proposal and budget.

7. Create a detailed task list and timeline for proposal development. Remember to include time for your (and your team members’) chair and dean to authorize the proposal and a minimum of three days for OSP to review and submit it.

8. Finalize your proposal and budget and submit it in RAMSeS for routing and approval.

9. Remain in contact with your grants administrator in OSP as the proposal is reviewed and submitted.

10. Sign up for Banner and Aggie Mart training. This will help you save valuable time when your project starts, if your proposal is funded.