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The five-part N.C. A&T Research Policies and Procedures Guide is published by the Division of Research & Economic Development (DORED). DORED is the University-designated unit exclusively responsible for the oversight and administration of federal and non-federal contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements for research projects. Only DORED is authorized to submit research and research-related proposals on behalf of the University.

The primary tool for the submission of proposals and administration of grants is RAMSeS, the Research Administration Management System & eSubmission system. All universities in the University of North Carolina system use RAMSeS for the creation, approval and submission of proposals. All proposals must be internally reviewed and signed by the Vice Chancellor for Research before submission to the sponsor. Principal investigators (PI) do not have the authority to negotiate for and/or commit to the performance of a proposal on behalf of the University.  No proposal should be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs without prior review and approval by the PI's chair and dean.

In addition, individual departments or units may have their own procedures that must be followed before submission to the Office of Sponsored Programs through RAMSeS.

Accountability and integrity

Research is a complex business, whether you’re working in a lab, on a farm, or in a community setting. When sponsored funding is involved, an entirely new layer of complexity is added. No matter what your field or subject matter may be, all principal investigators and researchers are answerable to multiple levels of oversight.

And that’s the way it should be. Every researcher is accountable for the compliance, ethics and responsible conduct of their work.  Mistakes – even unintentional ones – can have serious professional and legal consequences to the university and to researchers personally.  We owe it to ourselves, our funders, and our community to conduct our work with the highest levels of integrity.

To that end, research at N.C. A&T is conducted in accordance with the policies and procedures in this guide, the university's policies as listed on the university counsel’s website, and the research policies of the University of North Carolina system.

The N.C. A&T Research Policies and Procedures Guide covers the submission of research proposals; the handling of budgets; processes for the use of human subjects, animals, biological and biohazardous materials, and radiation in research; issues relating to technology transfer and intellectual property; and a variety of other issues, including adverse events, conflicts of interest, and research misconduct.

DORED's role

Researchers at N.C. A&T are never on their own when dealing with these critical issues. DORED can provide guidance, answer questions, and resolve conflicts for all areas of research and sponsored funding.  The division consists of five offices whose purpose is to assist PI’s with the pre-award and post-award process.

The Office of Research Services and Project Management

This group assists researchers with identifying funding opportunities, developing proposals and budgets, and meeting required reporting and budget milestones.

The Office of Research Compliance and Ethics

This office's work involves monitoring and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations and with all aspects of responsible and ethical conduct of research. It has responsibility for coordinating the work of:

  • The Institutional Review Board, which has authority over research involving human subjects;
  • The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, which has authority over research involving animals;
  • The Institutional Biosafety Committee, which handles requests for the use of biological and biohazardous materials; and
  • The Radiation Safety Committee. 

The director of the office handles issues relating to adverse events, conflicts of interest, export control, International Trade in Arms Regulations, research misconduct, responsible conduct of research, and unanticipated problems.

The Office of Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs is the sole authorized entity at N.C. A&T for the submission of proposals for external funding of research.

The Office of Contracts and Grants

Contracts and Grants has been moved organizationally into DORED effective July 1, 2013. This office is responsible for the administration of financial accounting for all sponsored agreements awarded to N.C. A&T; the development of financial policies and procedures; and the preparation and/or review of all financial reports concerning contracts and grants. This responsibility includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing support for the administration and financial management of contracts and grants,
  • Administering cash flow related to contracts and grants,
  • Submitting all required financial reports, and
  • Maintaining an auditable effort reporting system.

Guidance for the administration of contracts and grants is provided from several sources. The primary authorities are:

The Office of Outreach and Economic Development

The office handles patents, technology transfer, and other intellectual property issues.

When you have questions, consult this guide first. For further information or to report problems, contact the appropriate DORED office or the Vice Chancellor of Research and Economic Development.

We look forward to facilitating your work to create new knowledge and to teach your students through the responsible and ethical conduct of research.