Obtaining a subcontractor

Federal agencies require the same information from the subcontractor's PI that is required from the lead institution's PI. Each subcontract should be properly identified in your proposed budget before submission to the agency. N.C. A&T will assess overhead on the first $25,000 of each subcontract, if applicable. When subcontracts are involved, it is important to allow additional time for processing paperwork at the sub-recipient's home institution, which includes an authorized signature.

If the proposal is accepted by the agency, the following items must be submitted to the Division of Research to assist OSP in preparing the agreement. If the subcontractor/consultant was not in the original award, the PI must submit a request to OSP to be forwarded to the agency to request approval for the subcontractor.

  • Subcontractor/consultant's statement of work
  • Subcontractor/consultant's detailed budget and budget justification
  • Bios of key personnel
  • Authorization for Lecturer, Contractual, and Other Personal Services form must be submitted for obtaining consultants
  • Consultants must provide a resume

The grants administrator will complete a subcontract agreement and forward to the subcontractor for review and signature. If no negotiations are required, the subcontractor will return a copy of the fully executed document agreement. The grants administrator will prepare a profile and forward to Contracts and Grants with a copy to the PI.

Terminating a subcontractor

Should it become necessary to terminate a subcontract which has been established between N.C. A&T and another university, the PI should follow the steps below and provide information to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

  • Request line-item balances from your accountant in Contracts & Grants
  • Provide a memo stating the reason for termination of the subcontractor
  • State proposed revision to statement of work that was originally to be completed by the subcontractor
  • Provide qualifications for recommended person to complete the revised statement of work
  • Provide copy of bio for person who is being recommended
  • Submit revised budget

The Office of Sponsored Programs must then forward this information to the agency for consideration. If agency approval is received, the grants administrator will process any authorized changes via a modification to terminate the subcontractor, generate an updated profile to Contracts & Grants, and note the file.