Processing your award

The grant administrator will:

  • Process administrative paperwork associated with setting up the award;
  • Request the project account number from the Office of Contracts and Grants;
  • Provide the PI with the ward start-up packet, which includes:
    • The award agreement,
    • A Banner fund request,
    • The completed budget create form,
    • The award review sheet,
    • Any necessary compliance approvals,
    • The university employee cost sharing form, if applicable,
    • Any other applicable guidance documents.

All data must be uploaded to RAMSeS.

The principal investigator/project director will:

  • Forward all award-related correspondence to the Office of Sponsored Programs;
  • Notify Sponsored Programs if you receive any award document;
  • Determine acceptance of award: Read terms and conditions, prepare the budget create form in accordance with agency-approved budget, return the budget form to Sponsored Programs;
  • Contact Sponsored Programs if budget assistance is required;
  • Discuss any other award issues with your grant administrator;
  • Discuss the financial management of your award with your assigned university accountant in the Office of Contracts and Grants. (Contracts and Grants is in the Division of Business and finance;it is not part of the Office of Sponsored Programs or the Division of Research and Economic Development.)

Additional requirements:

  • Read the award guidelines/terms and conditions.
  • Maintain consistent communication with your agency technical contact.
  • Be familiar with university rules and processes.
  • Know the key players and their roles in Contracts and Grants, Purchasing, Human Resources, Information Technology, etc.;
  • Obtain any applicable approvals from the Office of Research Compliance and Ethics.
  • Ensure that costs are beneficial to the project and reasonable (would a "prudent person" find the costs reasonable?).
  • Charges may not exceed project award.