Cost sharing

Cost sharing is defined in federal regulations as project costs not borne by the sponsor. The University shares in the cost of a sponsored program whenever there is a difference between the total cost of performing a project and the funding provided by the sponsor. Either Direct Costs or Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs may be shared.

Cost sharing should be proposed only when required by the sponsor or strongly encouraged and should not exceed the levels required by the sponsor. Voluntary cost sharing should be avoided. Cost sharing consumes scarce resources and also places a heavy administrative burden on the University since it must be extensively documented. Cost sharing by the University must be identified as either "In-kind" or "Cash Match".

The Division of Research's Form titled "University Cost Sharing" must be filled out and signed by the appropriate individuals to document approval for in-kind cost sharing and cash matching. Proposals that require cost sharing will not be submitted to the sponsor until the Division of Research receives a written commitment from the appropriate Dean and/or Vice Chancellor.