A note from the Vice Chancellor to researchers

January 2005 -- N.C. A&T strongly supports collaboration with researchers both internally and externally. But we need to be sure that collaborations are meaningful and worthwhile for us. We need to be careful that when we lend our name to others, we do so in a manner that benefits us and we have a meaningful piece of the pie. Collaborating in large proposals requires commitment and dedication of our resources, and we need to be sure that such actions are taken with approval and coordination at the corporate level.

Our policy on external collaboration is below. I hope that you consider this a step in the right direction as we try to move A&T research to the next level. Your understanding and cooperation are essential in implementing this policy.

Policy on external collaborations

Collaborations are encouraged to facilitate research partnerships, with industry, other institutions or overseas collaborators.

However, the OSP must be informed by potential PIs of their intention to engage in a collaborative proposal with external partners before the submission of the proposal. This intent should be clearly stated on the Notice of Intent Form and should identify the partners and the university's share of the potential award.

Further, if the announced value of the grant is $250,000 or more, potential PIs must obtain prior approval by the Vice Chancellor before proceeding with collaboration discussions. The PI may submit an email to OSP outlining the following information:

  • Name of the lead institution, amount of funds requested, and the period of performance
  • Amount of N.C. A&T's share of the project funds and project period
  • The proposed project focus, objectives, and other collaborating institutions
  • Name of the agency and deadline for the proposal submission

Proposals that have not received prior approval to collaborate based on these guidelines will not be approved for submission. In making final decisions on collaborations, the Vice Chancellor of Research and Economic Development may seek the assistance of the Council of Associate/Assistant Deans.