Closeout procedures

The purpose of closing a project is to complete the process of the work you proposed by providing final documents to the awarding agency. The closeout procedure requires the submission of certain technical and financial reports to the agency, along with other required reports. General Closeout requirements are listed in OMB Circular A-110, and also in the terms and conditions of the award document. Most federal agencies now require electronic submission of final reports.

It is important that closeout procedures be adhered to and timely submission of reports shall be done to alleviate the threat of agencies suspending payment for cost incurred by the University on this project and other projects funded by the agency, and in the worst case scenario, the withholding of new awards campus-wide.

Usually closeout packages are provided to the Project Director by the Office of Sponsored Programs 30 days in advance of reports being due, however, the Project Director is ultimately responsible for preparing and submitting the required documents with or without notification on the date due to agency.

There is not a "standard closeout instruction list", because each agency has different requirements. However, the following basic reports are the types of documentation generally required by the sponsoring agency.

Technical/Narrative/Progress Reports

The Project Director is responsible for the timely submission of the final report. Sometimes, the agency requires that the final report be signed by the authorizing official of the university.

Cost Reports

All financial reporting to the agencies will be done by the Office of Contracts and Grants.

Patents/New Technology Reports/Inventions

This information is prepared by the Project Director and given to the Office of Sponsored Programs, which will prepare the proper documentation for the agency. If there is intellectual property that could benefit from legal protection such as a patent or copyright, the PI should contact the Office of Outreach and Economic Development.

Property and Equipment

The Office of Sponsored Programs will obtain the list of property and equipment from the Office of Contracts and Grants and Property Management. These offices have access to all information detailing what pieces of equipment were purchased. The Project Director will be requested to provide information to the Office of Sponsored Programs regarding loaned equipment. After this information is gathered, the actual preparation of the pertinent property report is done by the Office of Sponsored Programs and submitted to the agency. Please refer to the Property Management page and the Property Disposition forms for information on disposition of property.

Additional closeout reports

Agencies sometimes require additional end products and reports as a result of the work performed. These requirements are usually set out in the award document. Do not hesitate to contact OSP for assistance in clarifying closeout requirements.