NSF Data Management Plans

The National Science Foundation now requires a plan for managing the data generated by a research project as part of the grant proposal. Several major universities have developed websites with excellent information on preparing these plans:

  • MIT: Provides links to more resources and a checklist for preparing your plan.
  • DMP Tool: Provides a detailed checklist for preparing your plan.

Data Management Plan Template

The Data Management Plan Template includes questions for each of the five DMP sections presented in the NSF Grant Proposal Guide, Chapter II - Proposal Preparation Instructions, Section C.2.j. Special Information and Supplementary Documentation (second bullet point).  Consider and answer these questions as appropriate to develop your data management plan.

Where possible, text has been adapted from actual data management plans (although not necessarily plans for NSF) under the heading Sample Text. Such examples are not available for every section. Consider adapting these text examples for your plan as appropriate.

Please Note: The sample text examples provided in the template are not officially sanctioned by North Carolina A&T State University. They are intended to serve only as examples of what you might do.

Create your data management plan using the section headings (e.g. Types of Data, Data Description, etc) and your corresponding answers.  Remove the questions and modify the answers into meaningful paragraphs.