Research clearance for graduating master’s and doctoral candidates

The Graduate School requires that students applying for graduation be cleared through the Office of Research Compliance and Ethics to ensure the University’s compliance with applicable laws governing research. All students completing a thesis or dissertation must follow the instructions found at the bottom of this page in order to obtain research clearance.

In addition, keep in mind that student research involving any of the materials or subjects listed below must receive approval from the designated research compliance committee BEFORE any data is collected.

  • Animal subjects (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee)
  • Human subjects (Institutional Review Board)
  • Biohazards (Institutional Biosafety Committee)
  • DNA, RNA (IBC)
  • Select agents and toxins (IBC)
  • Radioactive materials (Radiation Safety Committee)
  • Laser equipment (RSC)

Faculty advisors are responsible for insuring that all student protocols adhere to the general and student policies and procedures of N.C. A&T and those of local and federal agencies.  Failure to do so will lead to specific consequences for both the student and the faculty member who signed off as that student’s advisor for the research.


  • Download the clearance form for graduating master's and doctoral candidates.
  • Complete each field provided.
  • Attach your abstract and methodology only (Microsoft Word documents only).
    • Provide enough information for a determination of what you research was about and the steps you took to carry it out. The entire dissertation or thesis is not required.
  • Email the form and attachments to the Office of Research Compliance and Ethics
  • Allow three business days for processing.
  • If you haven't received a response after three business days, contact Bernice Bennett,, 336 285-3173.