Emergency Equipment Repair Information

Limited funding is available to provide support in repairing essential equipment that is vital to complete an active funded project.  DORED will match funding from the college dean to assist with the repair costs.

Click the link below to complete the Emergency Equipment Repair Request Form

Emergency Equipment Repair Request Form

Once you’ve completed the request form, you will be contacted with next steps.


1.Will all requests be funded?
   Answer: No.  Requests will be granted until all the limited funding is expended.

2.Who should I contact to initiate the payment?
   Answer: Paperwork to begin the payment process is initiated in your department/college.

3.Is there a limit to the amount of support from DORED?
   Answer: Yes. DORED will pay 50% of the repair cost.

4.How long will I have to wait for a response regarding approval?
   Answer: A maximum of 1-2 business days.

5.Will this support cover equipment maintenance fees?
   Answer: No

6.Who should I contact for additional information?
   Answer: Contact Dr. Tonya R. Hargett, trharget@ncat.edu or 336-285-3184