Ed Monachino Appointed Director of Cross Disciplinary Research Development

DORED New Director of Cross Disciplinary Research Development
Edward Monachino

DORED announces the appointment of Ed Monachino as its Director of Cross Disciplinary Research Development. Monachino, a graduate of Syracuse University, brings over 25 years of multi-institutional research expertise within organizations such as ManTech International Corporation, Strategic Analysis Incorporated, Science & Technology Associates, National Institutes of Health and DARPA. In this new role, Monachino will be responsible for advancing the growth of the university’s research enterprise by assisting researchers and research teams in the design and implementation of large-scale, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research initiatives.              

“I have a great deal of experience fostering collaborative environments where people want to learn from each other and leverage one another’s strengths,” explains Monachino. “By supporting this kind of research structure, the university will be able to compete for significant, high-dollar, grants and contracts. The multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research approach is so successful and prevalent today because government funding agencies like to see problems solved from broad, diverse perspectives.” Monachino will help N.C. A&T researchers locate funding opportunities, identify research partners, and connect with collaborating universities and corporations to discover commercialization avenues. 

Monachino begins his role with a kick-off meeting in late January where he will meet with several outstanding researchers on the A&T campus. “I am here to serve the needs of our researchers,” says Monachino. “By understanding their strengths and goals, I can augment their success, while enhancing the growth of the university’s research enterprise to meet its long-term objectives.”