CREST Bioenergy - Collaborations

Key partnerships with other universities/colleges include SUNY-Stony Brook (funded by CREST supplement) and Louisiana Tech. Key partnerships with national laboratories include Argonne National Lab (equipment access), Oak Ridge National Lab (equipment access), and National Renewable Energy Lab. Collaborations with industry include RTI (co-hosting the 2016 TCS conference, student and faculty internship opportunities) and Southern Research (student internships).

Collaboration with XSEDE

The main research area in Thrust Area I of the NSF CREST Bioenergy Center at NC A&T State University ( is “High-Quality Synthesis Gas production via Biomass Gasification”.

Development of a Biomass Gasification Unit with its unique geometry and technical characteristics requires careful design and analysis of its operational conditions. Modern research tools such as MFIX open source code allow numerical simulation of multiphase reactive flows with applications to a fluidized bed gasifier.

Flow predictions based on MFIX code demands High Performance Computing resources. Collaboration of CREST Bioenergy Center with XSEDE ( – “Biomass Gasification in Fluidized Bed Gasifier” provides needed HPC resources, supports and facilitates computer based simulation research in this NSF-CREST Bioenergy Center.

Anton Pylypenko – A postdoctoral scholar of N.C. A&T NSF-CREST Bioenergy Center received an award of XSEDE HPC resources on SDSC Appro with Intel Sandy Bridge Cluster with 1,300,000.0 SUs. The value of these awarded resources is $110,000.00.

Industrial Collaborations

We have established a partnership with Research Triangle Institute (RTI) on “Center for Energy Technologies, Advance Biofuels”. Dr. Dave Dayton is the Director of Center for Energy Technologies, who also serves as a member of our external advisory board for the CREST Center for Bioenergy. He also serves on the graduate student’s research committees as an external advisor.

We have established a partnership with Southern Research (SR) institute. Ph.D. students are being placed on internship assignments at the SR’s research facility in Durham, NC. Mr. Tim Hansen and Santosh Gangwal are the representatives of SR that also serve as members of our external advisory board for the CREST Center for Bioenergy.

Establishment of partnership with SUNY, Stony Brook: This partnership is focused on the development of novel catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using CO2-enriched syngas.

Establishment of partnership with Gore and Associates in Elkton, MD: PH.D. students are conducting modeling and simulation research during year-round internships. Hasan Hashemi-sohi is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He worked as a graduate intern at Gore and Associates during the summer and fall semesters in 2018.

Industrial Collaborators of the ROI Project

Maverick Synfuels who develops and commercializes advanced thermo-chemical technologies that convert low-value and renewable feedstocks into high-value fuels and is based in NC is the industrial partner of ROI project entitled “Solar enabled green liquid fuels from biogas”. This is a joint project between Dr. Kuila, Dr. Wang and Dr. Aravamudhan from NCA&TSU and Dr. Li and Dr. Abolhasani from NCSU, which is funded by UNC-GA, 2017-2020.

Carbon Cycle Energy (c2e) of Boulder Colorado has broken ground on what the company says is the largest utility-scale biogas facility in the United States. When fully operational the facility, to be built near Warsaw, North Carolina, will transform animal and food waste into enough energy to power 32,000 homes. C2E is also an industrial collaborator of the above ROI project.