Venture Idea Exploration

Idea Exploration Workshop

The Idea Exploration Workshop is for students who already have an idea they would like to pursue or are simply thinking about starting a business. It focuses on exploring the idea, testing it to see if there is a potential market, and developing the business model and the business model canvas.

Mentors and Experts On-Site Program

The Mentor and Experts On-Site Program offers access to entrepreneurs and experts at no cost to the student. Mentors and experts provide advice on a variety of topics, including business formation, marketing and sales, graphic design, business law, intellectual property, and pitching to investors, among others.

These are one-to-one sessions to help students who have a startup company or seriously thinking about starting one.

Appointments are first come, first serve. Since appointments are limited, we ask students to only register if they are completely sure they will be able to attend.

Students are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment.

For more information, contact Dr. Thaddeus McEwen, 336-285-3356 or