Aggie Venture Development Lab

The Aggie Venture Development Lab is an applied entrepreneurship learning lab and student incubator/hatchery for students who are interested in starting or growing a business, creating innovation for established companies, and developing market-based solutions to social problems.

Students who are admitted to the lab’s program have 24/7 access and receive priority scheduling to the lab’s resources.

Aggie Venture Development Lab Benefits

Work Spaces

Participants gain 24-hour access to a shared facility where they have WiFi, conference rooms and computers.


Mentors and local entrepreneurs are available to help student entrepreneurs learn and succeed.

Workshops and Special Sessions

Students will participate in entrepreneurship education, covering various topics that relate to startups. Mentors and local entrepreneur service providers conduct these events, which are designed to address the business planning and development needs of all our ventures. They also share their stories and lessons learned.

Business Service Providers

Students will have access to a roster of business providers such as accountants, lawyers, graphic designers, etc., with experience working with small businesses and startups, and offer free or discounted services.


Aggie Startup Fund provides cash awards to seed startup businesses for participants who reach certain milestones within the Startup Lab program. The intent of the funds is to support the evolution of the business, while refining the concept and business model.

Funds are to be used for prototyping, filing a patent, building a website, marketing materials, licenses, competition fees and general business purposes, upon approval by Aggie Venture Development Lab. In addition, student teams are connected to funding opportunities in the city and the state.


Students are expected to learn as much from one another as they do from the lab staff and mentors. We provide opportunities for students to connect with the Greensboro and Triad entrepreneurial ecosystem, which includes investors, entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, etc. Students also have access to other community resources, such as the co-working space for local entrepreneurs, the Forge, a Makerspace and the Think House at UNC-Greensboro, a learning community for college entrepreneurs.

Other Benefits

Participants are awarded $xxx per semester credit that can be used for a variety of services, e.g. copying, graphic design, advertising, attending entrepreneurship events on campus or in the local community.

Eligibility and Application

All N.C. A&T students with innovative, viable ideas who want to launch or scale a startup are eligible to apply to the Aggie Venture Development Lab. The three steps needed to become a participant in the Aggie Venture Development Lab are:

1) Submit an application. The completed application should be submitted to the CEI office in person or by email to

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis; however, students are encouraged to apply early in the semester to take full advantage of the CEI’s resources and other benefits.

2) Complete an interview with the director.

3) Sign a contract to indicate agreement to abide by the terms and policies associated with the operation of the Aggie Startup Lab.

Students/teams are admitted into the Aggie Venture Development Lab for the duration of the current semester only. To continue beyond the current semester, students must receive a satisfactory review from the director and demonstrate commitment to developing their businesses.

Current Participants of the Aggie Startup Lab

The following is a list of current businesses in the Startup Lab.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Mentor Program

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program (EIR) provides students access to successful entrepreneurs' insights/expertise, advice and coaching to help them develop their businesses. The Entrepreneur-in-Residence will meet one-and-one with students to counsel and mentor them about venture creation, conduct workshops, and serve as guest speakers for classes. The EIR is a resource to help students refine their business ideas and start the business.

Entrepreneur Mentor Program

The Entrepreneur Mentor Program matches students with mentors from a list of successful alumni entrepreneurs and other seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals from the local community. They will serve as role models, advisors, mentors and coaches. The program provides students with advice and guidance from a team of mentors with proven skills and relevant experiences.

For Mentors:

Interested in getting involved with student entrepreneurs? Aggie Entrepreneurial Mentoring Network is made up of mentors and coaches who donate their skills, experiences to help students start and scale their businesses.

  • Are you an alum, business owner, retired business person, senior business person, etc.?
  • Have you always wanted to give back to the community, but not sure how?

Join the Aggie Entrepreneurial Mentoring Network and start supporting student entrepreneurs. Apply today.

For Students:

To participate in the Entrepreneurial Mentor Program, complete the application form. All applicants will be invited to an “initial meeting” to better understand your venture and the type of assistance needed.