Energy Education

CERT hosts an annual Energy Day event on the campus of N.C. A&T each spring. This day-long event features interactive energy activities and demonstrations. The eighth Annual Energy Day held in 2017 was attended by almost 2,000 Guilford County Schools students.

Energy Day video 2016

Energy Day Video 2017

CERT Educational Series

CERT has developed a series of Energy Education Modules to be used by teachers in the classroom to teach energy concepts. These modules align with the North Carolina Science Standards.

All CERT Educational Modules provide a FREE plug-and-play, interactive, video-based approach to instruction. These modules were developed to provide teachers the resources to expose students to labs using equipment that might not be available in the schools. The teacher acts as a facilitator and resource, while the video teaches and guides the students through the lab using kits. Teacher preparation is minimal (less than 15 minutes per module). CERT will deliver and pick up kits at your school office.

All modules contain:

  • Notebook and flash drive with all documents, videos and presentations
  • Kit with all the materials for eight lab stations

CERT Educational Module Offerings

Heat Transfer is taught through two experiments involving hot and cold water cups, an aluminum bar and thermometers. Aligns to Science standards 5.P.3 and 6.P.3.

Heat Transfer (3rd Grade) is taught through one experiment involving hot and cold water cups, an aluminum bar and thermometers. Aligns to Science standard 3.P.3

Energy Generation teaches the concept of energy generation and the consequences of generation choices through a board game that allows eight teams to compete in energy-grid management. The Generate Game was created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Aligns with standards: 8.P.2, EEn.1.1 and EEn.2.8.

Light and Waves  teaches properties of light and waves through several experiments that make waves, measure light, discover how light travels, and explore the electromagnetic spectrum. Aligns with standard: 6.P.1 and 6.P.3.

CERT Energy Educator Workshop

CERT hosts an annual Energy Educator Workshop each summer which is geared to 6th- through 12th-grade teachers. This workshop teaches energy concepts, and exposes educators to our Educational Modules. Participants receive 1.5 CEUs for this two-day workshop. The workshop is free, and breakfast, lunch and a parking pass are provided.