Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing

Vision Statement

The vision of the Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing is to assure U.S. competitiveness by establishing state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing capabilities in the southeastern U.S. The center facility will be accessible to an expanding user community across commercial and academic institutions. Through interaction with a broad spectrum of experienced and novice user communities, the center will allow innovative advanced manufacturing techniques to reach the market quicker and will provide education and outreach programs in advanced manufacturing focused on the southeastern U.S., with the attention to under-represented and economically weaker communities. To achieve this vision, the center builds upon a history of success of the major centers in the Southeast, uniting their resources and expertise into an effective regional and national resource.


The goal of the center is to provide a “one-stop-shop” approach for design, development, prototype manufacturing, testing and characterization using innovative and cost-effective manufacturing technologies. Specific goals are:

  • To develop new manufacturing technologies: with emphasis on smart and digital manufacturing, discovery and development of high-performance lightweight materials using innovative processing, testing, characterization and modeling of future high-performance materials.
  • To educate, train and connect the manufacturing workforce.

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