Available technologies


Reducing peanut allergenicity using food grade enzymes (Jianmei Yu)

US 8,211,485 and EP 2170106 “Process for preparing hypoallergenic and non-allergenic peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) utilizing an endopeptidase”

US Serial No. 15/546,162 “Enzymatic Treatment of Peanuts”

Therapeutically effective ginger metabolites (Shengmin Sang

US 9,272,994  “Ginger metabolites and uses thereof”


Accelerated growth of medicinal and decorative plants (Guochen Yang

US 9,474,272 and US Publication No. 2017/0127674  “Micropropagation of Alexandrian laurel (Danae racemosa L)”

USSN 15/847,157 “Micropropagation of black cohosh”


Non-Destructive Materials Testing (Mannur Sundaresan  

US 9,151,733 “Acoustic emission sensor array”

US Publication No. 2017/0294013 “Normalized Defect Characterization of Pulse Thermographic Nondestructive Evaluation”

Simplified preparation of complex-shaped composite materials (Ajit Kelkar

US 9,114,576  “Heat vacuum assisted resin transfer molding processes for manufacturing composite materials”

Carbon nanofiber synthesis using side-products of Kraft preparation of paper (Lifeng Zhang

US 9,190,222 “Production of carbonaceous nano-fibrous materials with ultra-high specific surface area from alkali (Kraft) lignin”

Palladium thin films (Shamsuddin Ilias

US 8,298,620 “Methods of preparing thin films by electroless plating” 

CNT Sheets having surface transition metals (Yeoheung Yun

US Publication No. 2016/0351918 “CNT sheet substrates and transition metals deposited on same”


High energy, flexible paper battery (Yeoheung Yun

US Publication No. 2017/0018784 “Paper-based magnesium battery and the use thereof”

GaAsSb(N) Nanowire semiconductors (emission maximum of 1.25-1.35 μm) (Shanthi Iyer 

US Publication No. 2017/0130363 “GaAs/GaAs(1-x-y)SbxNy Core-Shell Nanowires”

Structurally and electrochemically robust cathode materials requiring less lithium (Sung-Jin Cho

US Publication No 2017/0250404  “Multi-phase structured cathode active material for lithium ion battery”

Antifungal nanofibers for use in fabrics (Lifeng Zhang

US Publication No. 2017/0142965 “Antifungal compositions and methods of use thereof”


Predicting a Brown/Black out in a Smart Power Grid Network (Marwan Bikdash

US Publication No. 2017/0214242 “System and method for assessing smart power grid networks”


Preparation of structures, including furniture, from configured flat materials (Mitchell Henke)

US 9,185,984 and US Publication No. 2016/0040828  “Folded sheets of material for use as a structural member and assembly thereof”

Pressure Sensor (William Craft)

US 7,355,718  “Pressure sensor having two materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion configured to reduce temperature dependence