Aggie Access Registration Guide

Step 1

To begin your Aggie Online journey, open Under CURRENT STUDENT, click the Aggie Access Online link. A new window opens describing Web For Students. Click on WEB FOR STUDENTS.

Step 2

On the next page, click the ‘ENTER SECURE AREA’ line.

Step 3

You are now on the user login screen. Enter your User ID (Banner ID) and PIN number. Click the LOGIN button. (1st Time Login ONLY) When you login to Banner for the 1st time, Banner informs you that your PIN has expired. It requires you to re-enter your old PIN number and enter a new PIN number, and re-enter the new PIN number. Select LOGIN The system will require you to type in a ‘SECURITY QUESTION AND ANSWER’ DO NOT create a security question with an obvious answer. For example – “What is my birth date? Click SUBMIT

Step 4

On the next screen, select the tab ‘STUDENT & FINANCIAL AID’ link.

Step 5

Select REGISTRATION. We recommend that you check your registration status before Proceeding

Step 6


Step 7

From the drop down box, select the term you are registering.

Step 8

This registration form is the place to drop/add classes using the CRN (Course Reference Number)

DROP/ADD Classes

Use the ADD CLASS SECTION WORKSHEET to register for classes by entering the CRN (Course Reference Number). To drop a class, select the DROP action in the ACTION FIELD When DROP/ADD is complete, click the SUBMIT button. Once submitted, the only confirmation you will get will be a refreshed updated screen.

A common error in using the ADD CLASS dialog box is in the use of COURSE ID’s. (Example: 10024 PHYS 225 001 College Physics I; the CRN is the five (5) digit number on the left. To see your schedule with times and rooms, select ‘STUDENT SCHEDULE’  

Very Important:

Be sure to log off of Web for Students by selecting the ‘EXIT’ button in the upper right hand corner of the page. If you just walk away, or use the back browser button, the session will still be live. PROTECT YOURSELF and LOG OFF.