Official and Late Registration


Official Registration

Registration is a time designated each semester to allow the students and his or her advisor to review the student's records and plan a course of study for the next semester. The student should discuss academic problems with the advisor during this time. Registration helps to ensure that the courses requested on the registered schedule will be available to the student the following semester. Any student who is enrolled in the University during the registration period is expected to register for the next semester during the period designated for this purpose.

In order for a student to receive credit for a course, he or she must be properly registered in that course. This means that the student must have gone through the registration procedures as outlined by the University. Further, the student must have paid all required tuition and fees.

Late Registration

A student is expected to complete enrollment (including the payment of all required fees) on the dates listed on the Academic Calendar. The payment of fees is part of the registration process. No student is eligible to attend classes until the required fees have been paid.

A student who fails to complete registration during the scheduled dates will be required to pay a late registration fee of $50.00 during the late registration period that the bill is not validated.