Course Load

According to Administrative Memorandum - Number 345, all full-time undergraduate students are expected to comply with the Board's 1993 Plan to Improve Graduation Rates by enrolling in an average of at least 15 semester hours per term in order to graduate in four years.  Since the majority of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University's academic programs require 128 semester hours, to complete degree program in eight semesters, requires student to complete an average of 16 hours per semester or complete 32 semester hours in an academic year.

Undergraduate students enrolled in twelve (12) or more semester hours are designated as full-time students and must pay full tuition and fees.  Full-time students usually carry 15 to 18 semester hours.  To enroll in more than 18 semester hours, students must get approval from the department head and dean.

The maximum course load that students who are on academic probation may carry is 15 semester hours.  The maximum course load for a student with a GPA less than 3.00 is 18 hours.  The maximum course load for a student with a GPA above 3.00 is 21 hours.

Auditing A Class

Students who intend to register for a course for which they do not want to earn credit may register as an audit student by picking up the Audit Registration Form from the Office of the Registrar.  He or she must register officially for the course and pay the University Cashier.  Attendance, preparation, and participation in the classroom discussion and  laboratory exercises shall be at the discretion of the instructor.

A student who audits courses is not required to take examinations and tests and he or she receives no credit.  An auditor may not change his or her registration from audit to credit or from credit to audit after the end of the late registration process.