The Right To Consent To The Disclosure Of Educational Records

Permission of students must first be obtained before releasing non-directory information. Exceptions to this rule include releasing information to the following:

  • Officials or faculty of the University who have legitimate educational interest (information needed to fulfill official responsibilities)
  • Officials of other schools or school systems in which the student seeks to enroll
  • Certain federal and state educational authorities
  • Accrediting and University-approved testing agencies - if the student is applying to another school
  • Appropriate parties in connection with an emergency when the immediate health or safety of the student is threatened
  • Persons presenting an officially-related judicial order or lawfully-issued subpoena
  • Institutions from which the student has received, or applied for financial aid

Prior to verification or release of the educational records, the University personnel must contact the Office of the Registrar to ensure that the student has not requested that any record information, including directory information, be disclosed.