Entering Final Grades

Final grades are processed at the end of each semester/term for every student enrolled at North Carolina A&T State University. The following instructions are to establish a standardized procedure for faculty to enter their final grades and last date of attendance using Self-Service Banner.


Entering Final Grades

  • From the home page, select the Faculty & Staff link.
  • Click on the Aggie Access Online link.
  • Click on the Enter Secure Area link.
  • You are now at the user login page. Enter your User ID (950xxxxxx) and your six digit PIN. Click the Login button. If you are not sure of your PIN, click on the Forgot PIN? box. The security question that you created will display, follow the directions.
  • On the next screen click on the Faculty Services tab.
  • Click on the Final Grades link.
  • Click on the down arrow to the right of the Select a Term box. Select the term for which you are entering final grades and click on the Submit button.
  • Click on the down arrow to the right of the CRN (course reference number) box. Select the CRN of the course for which you are entering final grades and click on the Submit button.
  • Click in the corresponding Grade box and select the grade that you wish to assign to the student. Click Submit before proceeding to the next page. The grades that you entered will be lost if you do not submit before proceeding. There is a twenty minute (20) window to submit your final grades.
  • Students who have officially withdrawn from your class will have a pre-assigned W grade.
  • Students who are auditing your class will have a pre-assigned AU grade.
  • Students who are receiving a grade of F or U must also have a last date of attendance entered in the Last Attend Date field using the format MM/DD/YYY. If a last date of attendance is not entered for students receiving a grade of F or U, the following error message will be displayed. "A last attendance date is required for the following grade code(s) F. Please insert a last date of attendance and resubmit your grades." Enter the last date of attendance as the last day of the semester if the student attended the entire semester but is receiving a grade of F.
  • If assigning a student a grade of I, the following informational message will be displayed. The extension date default is MM/DD/YYY. The extension date may have constraints according to level." Click on the Submit button to acknowledge the message.
  • Click on the CRN Section link at the bottom of the page if you have additional classes to enter.
  • Click on Exit at the top right corner once you are done entering all final grades information for all classes

Hints on how to determine last date attended

  • The date must fall within the term start and end dates
  • Last date an assignment was turned in
  • Last test student participated in
  • If you take attendance, last roster with student on it
  • Last communication you had with the student by either email or phone