Retrieving A Student's Alternate PIN

Each registration period, student's are given a new six digit number to access web-based registration, This number is known as an alternate PIN. The following instructions are to establish a standardized procedure for retrieving a student's alternate PIN using Self Service Banner (SSB) and Internet Native Banner (INB).


Retrieving  a student's alternate PIN using Self Service Banner (SSB)

  • From the NCAT home page select Faculty & Staff
  • Select the Aggie Access Online link
  • Click on the Enter Secure Area link
  • You are now at the user login screen. Enter your User ID (950 Banner ID) and your six digit PIN. Click the Login button
  • On the next screen, click on the Faculty Services tab
  • Click on the Term Selection link - click on the down arrow to the right of the Select a Term box and select the term for which  you are advising the student - click on the Submit button
  • Click on the Student Information link and click on the Advisee Listing to display the alternate PIN for your assigned advisees. Note: if you do not see any advisees listed, then you have not been assigned any advisees. Please contact your department chairperson.
  • Click on the Faculty Services tab to access additional advising information. Click on the Exit link to exit SSB and close your browser if you are finished with the session\

 Retrieving a student's alternate PIN using Internet Native Banner (INB)

  • Type SPAAPIN in the Go To field and press the Enter key to access the Alternate Personal Identification Number form
  • Type the term in the Term field, then Tab to the ID field and type the student's ID number. The student's name should be displayed
  • Click on Next Block to display the student's alternate PIN.
  • Click on Exit to return to the main menu if you are done, or click Rollback if you need to retrieve another student's alternate PIN.

Please Note: Alternate PIN's are ONLY issued to Continuing Students for each spring, summer and fall registration period