Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

North Carolina A&T State University is committed to Institutional Effectiveness, which is defined by SACSCOC as “the systematic, explicit, and documented process of measuring performance against mission in all aspects of an institution.” The institution’s continuous assessment and improvement of ALL its academic and non-academic units is based on institutional goals for programs and student learning.

All academic and non-academic units fall under the Institutional Effectiveness umbrella and are guided by three complementary resources that anchor practice:

1) NC A&T's mission, core values, and vision as embedded in A&T Preeminence 2020: Embracing our Past, Creating Our Future;

2) Institutional Effectiveness Principles as embedded in assessment; and

3) Institutional Assessment methods as explained in the Institutional Effectiveness Handbook.

These three resources provide guidance at all the levels of institutional effectiveness including philosophical, methodological, and procedural levels, and are applied to all nonacademic as well as academic units.

Mission to Program Assessment