Assessment Plans

Assessment Plan Cycle

Every academic degree program and administrative unit reports the results of their assessment work every year. These results include not only the outcomes measured, the measure(s) used, the target, the sample, and the methodology, but also the findings and a reflection on those findings. Reflection on the findings is guided by questions, such as what key findings and conclusions can be drawn? Was the target achieved? What strengths were revealed? What areas in need of improvement (curricular, policy/procedures, the assessment process itself) were found? From these year-end reflections come the assessment plan for the coming year.

The assessment plan includes the action plan for the coming year. On which outcome is the focus, based on the findings from the past year? What specifically prompted this proposed action? What specific steps are planned for the year (implementation schedule, people/resources involved, etc.)? What are the expected results? How will we know if the project achieved its desired outcome(s)? In addition to this specific action, which of the program and/or student learning outcomes will be measured in the upcoming year?