NC LSAMP Broader Impact

NC-LSAMP SPRA provides support for students to engage in mentored research experiences, build their social and emotional capital, intentionally prepare for success in the STEM profession, and begin to see where they belong within the scientific community. The alliance supports various programs to support students across all 8 partner campuses.

Annual Conference  

The NC-LSAMP SPRA organizes an annual research conference that provides a platform for participants to engage in professional development and networking sessions, attend undergraduate research presentations, and engage with recruiters from NC-LSAMP as well partner organizations in a recruitment fair This event is an excellent opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge, explore new research areas, and connect with peers in the field. 


Student Engagement Activities

The NC-LSAMP organizes programs for LSAMP students and STEM majors across the alliance campuses. These programs provide valuable knowledge about the STEM pathway including how to identify internship opportunities, tips for submitting effective summer program and graduate school applications, and advice for navigating the overall STEM undergraduate experience. Students are encouraged to interact with alliance faculty, industry professionals, alumni, and career counselors to enrich their path toward a successful STEM career. This is a great opportunity for students who want to enhance their professional development and maximize their chances of matriculating into STEM programs and entering the STEM workforce. 


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Alliance Summer Research Programs

The Science and Math Achievement and Resourcefulness Track (SMART) program is designed to immerse students in undergraduate research, scientific communication, peer mentoring and preparation for graduate school in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (a “STEM” discipline).  SMART is geared towards students from underrepresented populations, with a priority given to transfer students (students who transferred to UNC-CH).  

Selected students pursue 9 weeks of research in STEM research groups (30 hours of research/ week), starting mid-May. In addition to the research projects, the SMART students work with Dr. Gidi Shemer, the SMART program director.  Students meet twice a week and work on research-related skills, such as to learn how to analyze and discuss scientific papers, work on science writing skills and learn how to present research. In addition, the students also participate in some of the workshops that are sponsored by the Graduate School. At the end of the summer program will be celebrated in a final poster symposium, together with other Carolina summer programs. The students get a $3000 stipend for the summer. 


The Women and Minority Engineering Program Summer Research Program (WMSRP) is a 10-week program designed to provide high-impact research experiences for undergraduate students. WMSRP aims to increase each student’s research self-efficacy and awareness of prospective research opportunities in both academic and professional settings. 

Students complete an Engineering Research Principles course. Students then conduct research and prepare abstracts and posters of their work, which is then presented at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

The NC-LSAMP SPRA Summer Undergraduate Research Program at UNC Charlotte is a faculty-mentored undergraduate research experience. Selected students engage in an in-person, faculty–mentored, summer research project for 20 hours a week for a part-time appointment or 40 hours a week for a full-time appointment. Benefits of the summer research experience include networking opportunities, graduate school preparation, service learning and outreach opportunities, professional development, a summer stipend, and introduction to other research internships.  


UNC Pembroke seeks to broaden the alliance’s impact on future STEM scholars by introducing college-bound high school seniors to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines, familiarize them with faculty mentored research and acclimate them to the college environment. 

Specifically, the STEM Summer Bridge Program affords students who are transitioning to college opportunities to engage in research labs, field trips, hands on environmental studies and more. A critical component of the Summer Bridge is the opportunity to gain access to faculty and staff, bond with other students and become acclimated to the campus before they arrive on campus in the fall. Participants are challenged to think outside the box, expanding their perception of the undergraduate college experience and the range of possibilities available at UNCP and beyond the university campus.