Are you passionate about student learning? Do you want to give your students a class to remember and an experience they’ll never forget? Take a look at our TEACH FORWARD INNOVATION GRANTS.  The Teach Forward Innovation Grant Program provides money to an individual or a small team of faculty to create a new course, augment an existing one and, generally, to improve teaching and learning in an Undergraduate or Graduate Class. These grants can be used for a variety of functions including working with community partners, purchasing equipment or software, creating simulations, hosting guest speakers, and more! Funds must be used to directly aid in the creation or improvement of a new course, the improvement of teaching methods in existing courses, or the use of scholarly inquiry into a new teaching practice.

We offer two types of grants to help faculty take their classes to the next level: ScholarlyTeach Grants and Curriculum Development Grants

ScholarlyTeach Grants

The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) has identified specific teaching and learning practices that have been shown to be beneficial to students’ learning outcomes. These practices benefit all students. ScholarlyTeach Grants explicitly use methods of scholarly inquiry in the assessment of the effectiveness of a novel or new teaching practice. These SoTL (the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) projects include a research component that can lead to scholarly presentations or publications. The ScholarlyTeach Grant will be awarded to projects that involve the improvement and development of the following:

  • Integration of Teaching Methods from the ACUE program
  • The Use of the iPad in the Classroom
  • Undergraduate Research in the Classroom
  • Innovation in Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Methods
  • Mindfulness and Wellness Methods in Teaching
  • Teaching Methods for Sustainability and Eco-Justice
  • The use of AI in Teaching and Learning
  • Career Preparation and Soft Skills

Curriculum Development Grants

These grants are specifically for curricular changes aligned with department or college goals and awarded to projects that involve the development of

  • Service Learning and Community Engagement Courses
  • Global Learning and International Studies
  • Sustainability and Ecojustice Philosophies and Practices
  • Post-Traditional Adult Learners Initiatives
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

Eligibility: All current full-time and part-time NCA&T faculty are eligible to apply for a Teach Forward Grant.

See our newsletter for Proposal Criteria and the link to apply.