Student-Athlete Academic Enhancement Program (SAAEP)

Program Description

The Student-Athlete Academic Enhancement Program (SAAEP) program, a component of the Center for Academic Excellence, provides comprehensive and progressive services and resources to student-athletes through academic monitoring, intrusive academic advisement, study hall coordination, and tutorial assistance, inclusive of Supplemental Instruction.

Accordingly, the SAAEP enables students to balance the demands of both academics and athletics, seeking to promote increased persistence, retention, and graduation rates among student-athletes. Further, SAAEP creates a peer-supported environment for student-athletes to maximize academic, personal, and social growth.

Program Objectives and Outcomes

  • Encourage intellectual, social, professional and personal development and accountability of student-athletes.Establish meaningful, effective, and lasting student-advisor connections that promote successful transition, progression, and matriculation.
  • Foster an institutional climate and facilitate an in-depth dialogue amongst faculty/staff that is supportive of addressing the needs of student-athletes.
  • Develop an intentional and systematic culture of specialized learning services that positively affects the overall engagement, persistence, retention, and graduation of student-athletes.
  • Early Registration for all student-athletes.
  • 90% team completion of required weekly Study Hall mandates.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of University policies, procedures, and standards of academic and social conduct.
  • Understanding of student accountability for academic success, progression, and role in the advising process.
  • Frequent, consistent communication/correspondence with academic advisors.
  • Knowledge of academic curriculum guide/plan of study and departmental degree requirements to independently complete self degree audits and course registration.
  • Knowledge of NCAA Academic Progress Rate policies (i.e., 40/60/80, 6/18/24, PTD).
  • Satisfactory progress towards degree completion.
  • Program Services
  • Intrusive Academic Advising
  • Academic Monitoring via Starfish web-based software
  • Structured, Study Hall
  • Evening Study Tables and Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • Dedicated CAE Tutors
  • Laptop Check-Out Program
  • Biology and Math Academic Support
  • Study Skills Workshops
  • Blackboard

Target Population: All roster-certified student-athletes

Requirements for Participation: Must be an official roster member of a NC A&T team sport; NCAA Clearinghouse eligible

Fall 2016 Hours of Operation:

9 a.m. - 9 p.m., Monday-Thursday
9 a.m. - 12 p.m., Friday
3 p.m. - 6 p.m., Sunday

Assistant Director: Leslie Rowls
Telephone: 334-7855, x54235
Office Location: 222 #2 ACB