NC A&T Patent Fund

The NC A&T Patent Fund is designed to provide financial support in assisting students in filing a provisional patent application to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. 
  • To provide students with the financial incentive to file provisional patent applications. 
  • To finance the filing fee for provisional patent applications. 
  • To encourage an atmosphere of innovation and invention in the NC A&T community. 
  • Completed Application  
  • Students must have consulted with IP Clinic advisors (e.g., IP attorney or SME specialist) regarding the patentability of their idea(s).              
                   Get recommendation
    letter to move forward with seeking a patent application.
                   Students are strongly encouraged to work with IP Clinic advisor in drafting/reviewing provisional patent application. 
                   These consultations must be documented and verified (the process will be provided by CEEI).
  •  Students have release letter from NC A&T (see Laura Collins, Director of IP Development and Commercialization).  
  • At least one (1) inventor(s) must be enrolled at NC A&T (undergraduate or graduate, part time or full time). 
  • Apply for patent fund online using this link.  
                ο  Student submission 
                                Completed coversheet 
                                   IP Ownership Questionnaire and checklist of supporting documents  
                ο  Letter of recommendation from IP clinic advisor 
                ο  Release letter from NC A&T 
                ο  File-ready provisional patent application  
                                Please use the template provided by IP Clinic 
  • Aapplication Review 
                ο  Committee: Replace with Link to Committee page 
                              –  Laura Collins, PhD
                                Salil Desai, PhD  
                                Salam A. Ibrahim, PhD  
                                Sandra K. Johnson, PhD  
                                Ajit Kelkar, PhD 
                                Hossein A. Sarrafzadeh, PhD  
                                Lifeng Zhang, PhD
    Evaluation Parameters 
                                Does the student have (or are they employed by) their own company? 
                                   •  Does the student inventor have an obligation to assign to anyone else? 
    Has the student identified the unique idea?
  •  Respond to student with decision regarding their application request.