Chancellor's Memomoradom: The Challenge Before Us

This has been a full and rewarding semester, and I feel sure you are looking forward to its final weeks and the summer ahead. As we approach the end of the term, however, we are seeing troubling signs that require your immediate attention.

With spring weather here and fatigue from a full year of isolation and possible illness, I am sure you are craving community and a full social life. I understand that. But we are seeing students gathering in larger and larger numbers, both on and off campus, and taking part in events that have the capacity to be viral super spreaders. In videos we’ve seen from some such events, masks and social distancing are rare.

We need you to understand:

  • Large gatherings typically violate the governor’s executive order; attendees are at risk of enforcement actions. We don’t want to see a single Aggie cited or arrested for participating in these events, which have now drawn the attention of local authorities, who are doing everything possible to stop them and those organizing them. Don’t risk legal problems by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Students may also be subject to on-campus sanctions.
  • You have an important role to play in ensuring the health of our community. You must do your part by way of prevention -- masking, distancing, hand-washing and vaccination. That also means not taking part in outdoor gatherings larger than 100, per Governor Roy Cooper’s most recent executive order regarding COVID-19-related regulations. Be a leader. Be an individual force for good.
  • Your family’s health and wellbeing are critically important. We know you don’t want to be that irresponsible person who brings novel coronavirus home to a grandparent, a parent, aunt, uncle or family friend who may be at heightened risk due to existing health challenges when you return home in just a few short weeks. About 900 people still die weekly from COVID-19 complications across the nation. Don’t let someone close to you become a casualty.
  • No one wants to backtrack on campus events and traditions. A&T recently announced that its commencement ceremonies will be held in person on May 9. Spring athletics events have been opened to limited spectator participation. Other activities in our Student Center and elsewhere on campus are underway, too. We don’t want to be forced to cancel or postpone any of those events or activities because of viral spread on campus, brought about by student participation in super spreader events. We will only be able to move forward with each as scheduled if potential participants are attentive to their roles in blunting spread of the virus.We are continuing to provide

Moderna vaccinations to anyone 18 years of age or older via COVID-19 vaccine clinics at the Alumni Foundation Events Center. First vaccines are given on Thursdays, and the second of the two-shot series is given on Tuesdays. On April 24, we will offer our second Johnson & Johnson clinic, which is a single-shot vaccination. Individuals 16 and older are eligible for that shot. We urge you to get vaccinated prior to leaving for the summer break. It’s quick, it’s safe, it’s effective and it’s free.

Together, let’s finish the next few weeks without further incident and turn our attention toward summer and all that it has to offer.

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