Alumni Nurses Unify to Meet a Need

It’s not uncommon when Aggies find themselves in need, for more Aggies to reach out and extend a helping hand. It’s simply just the “Aggie way” of doing things.  Stepping up and helping is exactly what more than 125 Aggie alumni nurses did when they each pledged to donate $125 toward scholarships for students in North Carolina A&T’s nursing program.

“This semester all of our [nursing] students were in need of financial support of some sort and because of the scholarship donations and the financial support that we got from alumni we were able to provide 100 percent scholarship support to all students enrolled in the nursing program in fall 2016,” said Dr. Terry Ward, Interim Director, associate dean, School of Nursing.

During the university’s 2016 homecoming celebration, the School of Nursing’s Noble Hall was brimming with nursing students eager to share their appreciation and gratitude and alumni just as eager to encourage them in their pursuits.

The School of Nursing commemorated the event by taking a group photo of young and old alumni on the steps of the Dudley Building. The photo is certainly evidence that a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

The call was issued and alumni of all types answered. According to Ward it wasn’t a hard sell. Alumni nurses were more than eager to help their fellow up-and-coming Aggie nurses. In fact, she said some were not able to come for the photograph, but were committed to donating.

“For us to be able to continue to get that support from the alumni to be able to support book scholarships, tuition and other needs students have is such a wonderful opportunity and a great way to show Aggie Pride,” said Ward.

Many alumni nurses discovered and agreed that the gift was in the act of giving.