“I Can Do That: Freshman 101”

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr. began his first "I Can Do That" challenge of the 2016-17 academic year. In this installment, Chancellor Martin taught and engaged three combined Freshman 101-Student Success classes in the Academic Classroom Building.

Martin taught on Habit 2, “Begin With the End in Mind,” from Sean Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students.” Asking strategic and important questions such as “How many credits are required to graduate in four years and what is your plan to accomplish it?” the Chancellor challenged the freshman to get serious about their future.

“His lesson was very interesting,” said Destiny Walker after hearing the Chancellor’s lesson. “I learned that I should probably focus more on my goals and write them down so I will know them and work toward them in the future. It was definitely information I could use.”

However, it wasn’t just the message that grabbed the students’ attention; it was also the fact that he was there making time for them. His genuine concern didn’t go unnoticed.

“It’s dope that he’s here and exciting and special that we are able to speak with him,” said Rickey Doracy, a Journalism and Mass Communication student. “He’s busy running the school every day, but yet he takes time out to come talk to us. That’s big.”

Martin was able to mingle with the students before and after the class getting to know them and encouraging them on a more personal level. Before dismissing he shared his email address with the students and welcomed their questions, concerns and comments.

“Lots of people are counting on you to be successful in life. Me for one,” said Martin.

In order to better connect with students, faculty and staff by understanding the intricacies and importance of their work, and contributions to the institution, Martin will continue to participate in a series of “I Can Do That” challenges – performing various employees’ duties and interacting with students on multiple levels.