Young Alumni Council Looks to Grow University Through Service

Young Alumni Council Looks to Grow University Through Service

Active community service has always been an Aggie cornerstone and principle. The North Carolina A&T State University Young Alumni Council (YAC) is making sure to keep the tradition alive.

The YAC has conducted community service projects in some of the major cities in North Carolina including Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham and most recently Charlotte. The council worked with organizations such as Out of the Garden, the Durham Rescue Mission, and the Sugaw Creek Recreation Center. The services included planting flowers, cleaning sheds, and picking up trash.

However, the YAC has much loftier goals. Aggies are worldwide, and according to the council so should Aggie service.

"N.C. A&T has a history of community service and civic engagement. Many times we’re known for our academics and we’re known for our athletics, but the folks don't know how much community service we give to the Greensboro community and beyond,” said YAC member Marcus Bass during an interview with FOX 46 in Charlotte. “It was appropriate to highlight the giving on a larger level; not just locally in Greensboro, but to really go across the state and we hope to make this something that continues for Aggies to give back in their local communities.”

Joining the YAC allows recent alumni of A&T, to continue to promote service through the university after graduation. It gives young alumni the opportunity to spread their aggie pride and it gives them a connection back to A&T.

Although the YAC has been established for quite some time, the group is anticipating great expansion in the near future. The council is looking to establish committees and get more active in Greensboro as well as other cities and states. Building more structure for that purpose is the goal. 

Crystal Williams is the director of alumni programs in the Office of Alumni Relations and also oversees the YAC. Her vision is to grow the YAC and develop a continuous stream of new members excited about giving back to their community on behalf of their beloved university. 

“What we want is to build a pipeline for students that are graduating. Alumni will be a part of a general body where information will be shared. Every young alum or graduate from the university will be considered a part of the Young Alumni Council. We are in the process of connecting and developing programming and engagement opportunities for young alumni,” said Williams. “We also have the week of Aggie love that takes place in February. We do service projects during that week. The council plans to continue this project annually to encourage all alumni to do service projects in their local communities.”

To get involved or for more information, contact the YAC at