N.C. A&T Office of Facilities Helps Build Habitat for Humanity Home for Local Family

N.C. A&T Office of Facilities Helps Build Habitat for Humanity Home for Local Family

Members of North Carolina A&T State University’s Office of Facilities, other university volunteers and the local Habitat for Humanity, braved the cold air and muddy ground on Jan. 16 because they were determined to fulfill their commitment to help a local family build their home.

The team worked from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., charged with the specific task of installing vinyl siding. While some took measurements others cut material and some installed. The systematic process proved to be extremely proficient.

While the Office of Facilities’ involvement in the home’s construction is part of the university’s overall commitment to conduct 125 service projects on behalf of the 125th Anniversary, it’s also the continuation of an ongoing relationship of service between the university and the Greensboro community.

“The key issue is that we have been contributing to this community for 125 years. What better way to celebrate our 125th birthday than to do 125 community activities?” said Andrew Perkins Sr., assistant vice chancellor of Facilities. “Here at North Carolina A&T we believe that we should be able to get out here and assist those who need a little bit of a hand to get ahead in life.”

Recipients of Habitat for Humanity’s new home program are required to contribute at least 350 hours of “Sweat Equity” which includes time spent working on the construction of the home and the homes of other Habitat families, and attending financial counseling and homeowner education courses. Recipient family member Sana Tokol describes it as much more than a requirement.

“It feels really good to have our own house. It’s nice to know what’s going on with it and how they built it and having a part in it. I like knowing what’s going on. Now if something happens I might know how to fix it because I helped to build it,” said Tokol.

Tokol and her family, natives of Sudan, have already completed over 300 hours of sweat equity and plan to be in the house by April. 

The Office of Facilities has participated in three other service projects and is slated to visit a local nursing home soon to sing songs for residents.

For more information about N.C. A&T’s 125 Service Projects, please visit (http://www.ncat.edu/125/service-projects.html.)