Chancellor Takes On Resident Assistant Duties

Chancellor Takes On RA Duties

When residents of Blair and McNeil halls in Aggie Village 5 returned home after class on Feb. 25, there was a new resident assistant (RA) waiting at the desk to assist them.

For the second challenge of “I Can Do That,” Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr., worked an entire shift.

“The chancellor did a great job as an RA,” said Kellie M. Dixon, area coordinator for North Campus in the Office of Housing and Residence Life. “With the time given and the number of tasks, he was steadily busy.”

During his three-hour shift, Martin underwent orientation, helped perform room checks, did paperwork, participated in a staff meeting, put up a bulletin board and participated in another RA’s program by calling numbers for a BINGO game.

“There was a lot to do and I enjoyed it,” Martin said about his experience. “I am impressed with the work ethic and determination of the resident assistants to be a resource for their fellow students.”

In an effort to engage more with the campus community and better understand the intricacies and importance of their work and contributions to the university, Martin has agreed to perform several jobs that would normally be occupied by students, staff and faculty members.

Prior to his shift, Dixon walked the chancellor through his paperwork before he could begin.

“It was no different than working with actual student staff,” she said. “It was interesting how many questions – good questions – he asked in regard to the position and the paperwork he was signing. He seemed to be very excited and I believe he left with a more defined perception of what an RA does and their purpose on campus.

Later this spring, Martin will participate in another challenge to round out his experiences.