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Scholarship Website Assists Students Searching for Aid

Students in need of scholarship dollars now have a one-stop shop on the university website to search.

This fall, a scholarship committee comprised of academic deans, the provost, chief of staff and financial aid representatives worked with the Office of Budget and Finance to identify available university scholarships and post online the necessary information about how much funding is available and the criteria.

“This is important because some of the students don’t know what is available to them,” said Brittany Williams, an assistant director of financial aid.

The webpage shows available scholarships, including more than 130 endowed scholarships that are available to freshmen, current students, transfer students and graduate students. A list of available awards is broken up by schools and colleges and also includes a list of scholarships that are university-wide.

Financial aid officers are working on an on-going basis to reevaluate and update previously established criteria to ensure that all of the available monies are distributed to students who need it. As criteria is updated or as more scholarships are established, the information will be added to the page.

Students are encouraged to seek funding sources throughout the academic year. To be considered for future awards, students should periodically check the Office of Financial Aid website, contact their respective academic departments and the Office of Financial Aid Office.