JOMC Student Tries Hand at International Reporting

When rising junior Khadejah Bennett traveled to Japan in May, it was her first time traveling internationally without her family.

“I’ve been to Mexico but it was a vacation and we stayed in a resort,” she said.

This time, Bennett participated in a 10-day journalism study trip as a part of the Scripps Howard Foundation’s Roy W. Howard National Collegiate Reporting Competition. Bennett was one of nine winners chosen from colleges and universities from around the country to tour the region cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Tokyo.

Prior to her trip, Bennett was excited to be counted amongst some of the nation’s most talented journalism students and to take full advantage of the opportunity.

“I’m looking forward to a life changing experience, seeing the world from a different global perspective and meeting people who don’t look like me from other cultures,” she said.

And she did just that. While traveling, Bennett and her fellow travelers were required to write about the things they experienced and post them to a blog on the competition’s website. Two posts from Bennett spoke of her experience singing karaoke in Tokyo and noticing the modest, yet stylish way women in Japan dress.

“When I visited Japan, I expected women to dress modestly, but what I did not expect is their loud taste in fashion. Who said you could not be modest and stylish? The Japanese culture perfectly exemplifies spicing up an outfit, whether it is a colorful tie or two different colors that work well together,” she wrote.

This experience is the latest in a string of experiences Bennett has had since she came to North Carolina A&T State University. A native of Laurel Hill, N.C., she came to N.C. A&T for the journalism program. So far she has completed an internship with the digital marketing firm Bright Girl Media and she produces and anchors a show she created called, “Girl Talk,” written for various student publications and she has shot and edited video as well as written scripts for the university newscast.

“I don’t want to be focused in only one area. I’m trying to be versatile,” she said. “My goal is to empower women globally through television or writing. I want to use journalism as a platform.”

Bennett is a member of Bombshells in Business, the A&T student chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists and served last year as the sophomore class historian in the Student Government Association.