North Carolina A&T lined up an action pack week of events and programs to promote environmental awareness during Earth Week 2014. The annual observance week held April 21- 24 consists of a variety of programs including E-Waste Collections recycling initiative and the celebrity-filled Act on Climate Tour to engage the campus community in sustainable practices.

On Tuesday, April 22 more than 700 students and community members attended the highly-anticipated annual Earth Day Fashion Show. The Earth Day Fashion show is an initiative designed by journalism and mass communications professor, Linda Callahan. Students majoring in fashion merchandizing and public relations partnered to showcased clothing items designed by A&T students using only recycled materials.

Callahan has been a passionate advocate for environmental initiatives at North Carolina A&T for more than 12 years. She served on the first campus recycling committee and now plays an active role in the Earth Day Week planning committee.

Elizabeth Hopfer, assistant professor in the department of family and consumer sciences says that the collaboration between fashion merchandizing students and public relations students gives each student an outlet to present their best work to the public.

On Thursday, April 24, students will present “Changing the Perception of Beauty” natureculture tour, 5 p.m. at Sockwell Hall.