39th Annual Career Awareness Fair


The 39th Annual Career Awareness Fair will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 11 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Corbett Sports Center. Over 50 industries across the nation will be represented at the event and of the 171 employers registered—almost half represent Fortune 500 companies.

“This is one of the few opportunities where companies are looking just for you and you have to take advantage of that opportunity,” said R. Christian Ford a junior electrical engineering student.

Ford recently completed a co-op position with ADTRAN which he gained from attending the career fair two years ago. 

Determined student Malachi Alexander began going to the career fair during his freshmen year but didn’t get his co-op with Toyota until a few fairs later.

“Typically, it’s the same people that come every year so develop a relationship with the recruiters,” Alexander said.

Even if you don’t get the job the experience is well worth it.

Alum representative and recruiter Ashley Peterson remembers leaving the career fair without a set job or internship. She attended year after year and in the process built important skills that would eventually land her a position in the GE Capital Retail Finance Rotational Sales program.

This will be Peterson’s first time at the career fair as a recruiter.

A more seasoned recruiter Aaron Frye, will also be in attendance as he enters his second year of recruiting. Frye is a 2011 graduate and started his relationship with GE Capital through an internship he got from going to a career fair.

From one Aggie to another here are five lessons that these students found most important.

1. Professional Dress – If it’s you’re first time “have the professional image down,” said Frye, “that way you all have a generic image and then the way you speak and your resume will be the differentiator,” he said.

2. Prepare in Advance –“Do your research on the companies,” said Peterson. “I made the mistake at my first career fair of not doing the research, I ended up collecting a lot of papers and I did not really know what to do with them.”

3. Improve Your Grades –“Even if your GPA is barely above a 3.0 or at a 3.0 as a sophomore your rising junior year is your most critical summer,” said Frye. “By that time recruiters know you’re about to graduate and want to know what you’ve done.”

4. Be Open to Advice –“I received feedback on my resume from freshmen year from attending the career fair so I changed it based on what they said,” said Ashley Patillo a senior electrical engineering student.

5. Show up – “Please go,” said Alexander.

Any student currently enrolled at a university is welcomed to attend as well as all college degree holders. For more information on the Career Awareness Fair contact the office of career services at 336-334-7755.