Dr. Judy Rashid, associate vice chancellor for student affairs and dean of students, will serve on a national task force to create an educational strategic plan for the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA).

ASCA is the premier authority for student conduct administration and conflict resolution. The international association boasts over 2000 members, representing more than 900 institutions of higher education.

Rashid and other task force members are charged “with analyzing the data from our membership needs assessment, conference evaluations, Gehring Academy evaluations, the NASPA core competencies as well as the ASCA competencies –identified in Current Forces and Future Challenges, to develop an ongoing and intentional educational strategic plan for the variety of members and institutions within our association,” said 2013-14 ASCA President Chris Loschiavo.

Rashid is well known for her passion and commitment in conveying to students the responsibility of achieving an education. She leads a rich legacy as an educator for 40 years, serving North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University for 25 years.

“When thinking about who to appoint to this task force that should represent the diversity of the institutions and members of our association, Dr. Judy Rashid was an obvious choice,” said Loschiavo.

Rashid has been an active member of ASCA since 2002 where she has served in and led various boards, task forces and committees.

She hopes to use her years of experience as an asset while working in the task force.

“My education experience and my experience within the organization give me a better glimpse at determining components of the strategic plan,” Rashid said.