The Office of Counseling Services on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University received a 4-year accreditation from the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc. (IACS).

IACS accreditation advocates for quality and effective counseling services and builds awareness and concern for professional growth in counseling areas. The IACS is the only accreditation association that accredits counseling services on university and college campuses.

The department has been under the direction of Dr. Vivian Barnette since 2007 and is composed of nine licensed practitioners who serve enrolled students as well as faculty and staff at North Carolina A&T.

Approval by IACS is dependent upon evidence of continuing professional development as well as demonstration of excellence in counseling performance.

“We’ve always practiced to the highest level,” Barnette said. “Students can expect to gain what they’ve always received—excellent care, confidentiality and the various services we provide.”

Counseling services offers personal and group counseling, outreach and consultation, training and supervision, teaching, psychological testing and research. 

“The staff is pretty diverse not only in discipline but age, gender and ethnicity which is a plus as we’re becoming more diverse on our campus. We try to reflect the body of the campus community,” Barnette said.

“The team under the leadership of Dr. Vivian Barnette worked extremely hard. The accreditation is an honor,” said Dr. Melody Pierce, vice chancellor of Student Affairs.